Relationship Advice

Successful and happy relationships provide us with love, support, comfort, pleasure and friendship. However, it can require some hard work and commitment to maintain a healthy relationship through life’s challenges. While it is normal for couples to have “ups and downs”, sometimes issues can develop in our relationship which can be painful or difficult to talk about, and can cause distress, frustration and conflict.

What causes relationship problems?

Our relationships can encounter difficulties for a variety of reasons. Common issues include:

  • Difficulties in communicating, or withdrawal from each other.
  • Regular arguments over parenting, household tasks, extended family involvement and many other issues.
  • Physical intimacy issues, such as mismatched libidos, impotence, or other health issues.
  • Financial problems.
  • Stress from major life changes such as having a baby, career changes, losing a loved one or relocation.
  • Preoccupation with interests outside of the relationship.

How can we help?

At TG Psychology, we can help you to clarify the issues affecting your relationship. Our psychologists can help you to build self-esteem, resolve differences and increase your hopes for the future.

While relationship counselling ideally involves both partners, it may be more appropriate for you to attend alone. Such circumstances may include: when your partner is unwilling, or if you wish to discuss issues independently, like whether or not to remain in the relationship.

We have helped many people to address painful issues and improve the quality of their relationships. We can help with strategies for conflict resolution and problem solving, improve your communication skills, and help you to identify, and change unhelpful behaviour patterns.

Your psychologist will help you to examine your role in the relationship difficulties, brainstorm possible responses and help you appraise the costs and benefits of these.

So give us a call today on Ph 02 8089 2665 and take the first steps towards a more happy and fulfilling relationship.