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TG Psychology provides a welcoming, judgement-free environment where compassionate psychologists offer compassionate support for your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

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Todd Griffin Psychologist

Director and Principal Psychologist

Todd Griffin

Grad Dip (psych), Assoc MAPS

With over 22 years of experience, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and genuine care to support you on your mental health journey. Using evidence-based therapy styles, Todd is committed to helping you identify core issues and implement positive changes so you can live your best life.

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Joclyn Stanley Psychologist

Registered Psychologist

Joclyn Stanley

Grad Dip (Social Health), Assoc MAPS

With over 16 years of psychology experience, Joclyn brings genuine care and expertise in relationship-building to guide you towards a rewarding, fulfilling life. Using her skills in coaching and counselling, Joclyn helps identify self-limiting patterns and equip you with communication tools to nurture connections and reach your full potential.

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Expert Guidance

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced psychologists and counsellors who are dedicated to helping you.

Confidentiality and Trust

Your privacy is our utmost priority. Our professionals adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring that your sessions.

Emotional Support

In times of distress, having a supportive and empathetic professional can make a significant difference.

Flexible Options

We understand the demands of modern life, and as such, we offer flexible scheduling options, including in-person.

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